• May 5th 2012 Black Belt Test May 5th 2012 Black Belt Test We had an exciting Black Belt test in May of this year!
  • A walk through history in pictures A walk through history in pictures Grandmaster has trained hundreds, if not thousands of students. Enjoy this brief look at some of that incredible history.
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Korean Commands

Korean English Korean English
Chung Shim Balance Ahp Front
Cho Bo Ja Beginner Yup Side
Ki Cho Basic Dwi Back
Dee Belt Rin Jok Right
Kyuck Attack Wen Jok Left
Kyuck Pa Breaking Kuk Ki National Flag of Korea
Ho Sin Sul Self-Defense Hyung Form or Pattern
Dojang Traing Hall/Studio Ki Hap Yell (Focus Mind/Energy)
Deh Ryun Sparring Jaseh Stance
Ja Yu Dae Ryun Free Sparring Do Bahk Uniform
Il Soo Sik Dae Ryun One Step Sparring Neh Gung Internal Power
Ha Dan Low Part Weh Gung External Power
Choong Dan Middle Part Shim Gung Spirtual Power
Sang Dan High Part Yu Gup Ja Gup Holder
Dan Black Belt Shi Sun Focus of Eyes
Gup Color Belt Kwang Jang Nim Grand Master
Kwan Won Student Member Sa Bah Nim Master Instructor
Hu Beh Junior Member Kyo Sah Nim Instructor
Sun Beh Senior Member Ko Dan Ja Senior Dan Holder
Yu Dan Ja Dan Holder
Charyut Attention Chun Kul Ja Seh Front Stance
Stances Ja Seh Kee Ma Ja Seh Horse Riding Stance
Han Bal Soo Kee Ja Seh Crane Stance Jhoon Bee Ja Seh Ready Stance
Basai Ja Seh Cross Stance Sa Ko Rip Ja Seh Side Stance
Hu Kul Ja Seh Fighting Stance
Cha Gee Kick Jok Gee Foot Technique
Cchik Cha Gee Ax Kick Moo Roop Cha Gee Knee Kick
Dwi Cha Gee Back Kick Dwi Hu Ryo Cha Gee Back Wheel/Heel Kick
Ahp Mee Ro Cha Gee Front Pushing Kick Ahneso Phaku Ro Cha Gee Crescent Kick (Inside/Out)
Tollyo Ahp Cha Gee Round House Kick Phakeso Ahnu Ro Cha Gee Crescent Kick (Outside/In)
Yup Cha Gee Side Kick Bit Cha Gee Diagonal Kick
Ahp Cha Gee Front Kick Yup Hu Ryo Cha Gee Side Hook Kick
Bahl Poto Oly Gee Front Stretch Kick Yup Poto Oly Ri Gee Side Stretch Kick
Dwi Tollyo Cha Gee Spinning Back Round Kick E Dan Dwi Cha Gee Jump Back Kick
E Dan Yup Cha Gee Jump Side Kick E Dan Ahp Cha Gee Jump Front Kick
E Dan Tollyo Cha Gee Jump Roundhouse Kick
Hand Techniques
Soo Ki Hand Techniques Sang Dan Kong Kyuck High Punch
Kap Kwon Back Fist Chun Dan Kong Kyuck Middle Punch
Jung Kwon Fore Fist Ha Dan Kong Kyuck Low Punch
Jang Kwon Palm Heel Kwan soo Kong Kyuck Spear Hand
Yuk Soo Do Ridge Hand Yuk Jin Kong Kyuck Reverse Punch
Soo Do Knife Hand Wheng Jin Kong Kyuck Horse Stance Punch
Mahk Ki Blocking Techniques
Sang Dan Mahk Ki High Block Ha Dan Soo Mahk Ki Low Knfe Hand Block
San Dan Soo Do Mahk Ki High Knife Hand Block Ssang Soo Ha Dan Mahk Ki Low X Block
Ssang Soo Sang Dan Mahk Ki High X Block Chun Dan Soo Do Mahk Ki Middle Knife Hand Block
Ahneso Phaku Ro Mahk Ki Inside/Out Block Phakeso Ahnu Ro Mahk Ki Out/Inside Block
Ha Dan Mahk Ki Low Block Ssang Soo Dan Mahk Ki Two Hand Block
Chun Gul Ssang Soo Mahk Kee Two Fist Block