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Master Steve King

Master Steve King began his Martial Arts training in 1978 with Chinese Kempo Karate in Toledo, Ohio under the instruction of Michael Sherman and Tom Nering.  Steve also trained and competed in the sport of kickboxing.  Moving to Arizona in 1982, he found Khalid’s Martial Arts Academy in 1987.  Master King received his Black Belt in 1990 under the instruction of Grandmaster Darryl Khalid and has continued to train and instruct at Khalid’s Martial Arts.  He earned his 4th Dan Masters degree in 2003 and 5th Dan in 2007.


David Kowalski 16-06-2016, 18:16

Hey Brother, I see you did exactly what you set out to do. I am no longer on face book as you may well know but have great interest in your accomplishments. Feel free to contact me anytime at 517-936-7676 and i have a trip in the works to Mesa shortly. Hope to hear from you, shoot a text , email or call, Your brother SKI

Michael 20-11-2016, 02:08

Dear Steve,

I’m not sure if you remember me, nut I was one of Jesse Glover’s student. Before I continue an easier way to remember me is I was better known as, “Rich”. If memory serves we worked on the drill, “Chung Choi”. I always thought it meant, ‘Rapid Fire Punches”. On a look online I saw the meaning is a phrase that means either “STUPID” O\or, “RETARD”. I’m sure you can understand my confusion. Anyhow I do hope you’re doing well, & look forward to your prompt reply.

Best regards, Michael Moran (AKA: Rich)

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