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Master Lindsay

Began training Tang Soo Do in May of 1982

Received 1st Dan – 1985

Received 3nd Dan – 1989

Received 4th Dan Master Rank – 2000

Received 5th Dan Master Rank – 2007

Received 6th Dan Master Rank – 2011

My current and original instructor is Kgang Jang Nim Daryl Khalid.

I have known Kwang Jang Nim since I was 17 years old.  I met him when he had hurt his back and he was referred to my father (he is a chiropractor).  I found out at that time that Kwang Jang Nim was a martial artist.  At the time I didn’t know how skilled he was or how lucky I was to meet him.  My brother pestered me for some time to take him to Kwang Jang Nim’s karate school over on 59th Avenue south of Camelback.  So, I finally took my brother and we started together.  My first class I just watched while my brother joined in.  All the seniors thought that my brother was going to stick with it and I wasn’t going to come back.  Fooled them, hunh?  I practiced on Tuesday and Thursday nights for many years.

I moved to Kansas City Missouri to go to chiropractic college in 1989.  Before I left Phoenix I was teaching classes at Luke Air Force Base.   That is when I met Tom Caulfield Sr. He attempted to teach me Filipino stick fighting.  When I got back from college, I started training with Master Caulfield Sr. on Friday nights after work.  I would show up about the time he was finishing his last class.  We would work out for a while and talk and tell stories.  We would leave the school and go have dinner and come back and train some more.  Eventually, I would say that I had to go and Master Caulfield would retort “don’t go yet, it’s early.”  I responded, “Yes sir, it’s early.  The sun is coming up”  I would leave, rush home, take a shower, and drive to Mesa and teach class over there.  I would get home in the afternoon.  Sleep was a favorite.

While I was going to school in Kansas City, I was hired by the University of Missouri at Kansas City to teach martial arts class.  I was on staff as a faculty member of the Physical Education Department for 3 years.  I developed a group of black belts and gup ranks who continued to train and teach classes after I graduated and moved back to Phoenix.

Over the years I have been assigned (voluntold) several positions in the Tang Soo Do organization.  I was regional technical adviser, chairman of the regional technical advisory committee and regional coordinator.

The best position I have ever earned is being a friend to the Grand Master.

I have done a lot of things in the martial arts, and I have had a lot of experiences, and I plan to do a lot more.  I have traveled to learn and teach and share what I have been taught.

In Tang Soo Do there is always more to learn and experience.


Bert L. Lindsay, 6th Dan

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