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Kicho Hyeong IL Bu

Kicho Hyeong Il Bu

(Kicho) Hyeong Il Bu
(Kicho) Hyeong Ee Bu
(Kicho) Hyeong Sam Bu

The Kicho hyeong are extremely similar to the Taikyoku kata developed by Gichin Funakoshi. The embusen used are the same, the stances are the Tang Soo Do equivalent, and the blocks and strikes are virtually identical. There is great reason to believe that Hwang Kee based his Korean Kicho hyeong on the Japanese Taikyoku kata developed by Funakoshi.

The Kicho hyeong were developed as a basic, simple form for beginners. The symbol used in Tang Soo Do for the Kicho hyeong is a human baby learning to walk. The pattern is also visible in the increasingly complex forms that follow. Hwang Kee used these forms to teach applications of basic moves and techniques. These forms are also influenced by the Wa Ka Ryu style of southern China. These and the Pyung Ahn forms to follow are characterized by speed, aggressiveness, dynamic action, and quick reaction.

Source: Wikipedia

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