• May 5th 2012 Black Belt Test May 5th 2012 Black Belt Test We had an exciting Black Belt test in May of this year!
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Oct 12
Last Updated on 18 October 2012

May 5th 2012 Black Belt Test

May 5th 2012 was a special day for quite a few people – we had more than a dozen test candidates testing for belts ranging from their Pre-dan all the way through Sa Dan (4th Degree).  Test candidates came from all over, including members from Sierra Vista and parts of California.   The two day event tested each candidate in their basics, combinations, one and three steps, self defense, hyung (forms), endurance, wisdom, Korean terminology, kyuk pah (breaking), dare ee on (sparring), and much more.  Master candidates were also required to teach a section of class focusing on demonstrating how they’d pass their knowledge to other students.  Topics included proper use of your hips, building endurance for kicking, gun self defense, and grappling techniques.   Check out the pictures below from the event!